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Factory Direct Gear

We are a factory-direct manufacturer of high-end kites - We supply our kites & bars directly to individual kiters and to schools. As we deliver your gear directly via our regional warehouses, you benefit from our efficient distribution and factory-direct pricing. Zian Americas is our distribution outlet for the American Continent including the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America & the Caribbean.

We are dedicated to enabeling your kiteboarding addiction. You should always have access to new & "crispy", high-quality, high-performance kites. By delivering kites directly to you, we make well-equiped kiteboarding affordable, the way it should be.

Check out our awesome kites, learn about our design & R&D process, build quality & manufacturing technology, or find out more about our company philosophy.

Visit our Factory Store to place an order. Shipping & sales tax are included in the Factory Store prices for all orders for delivery to the Continental United States. Consult our Shipping & Taxes page for deliveries outside the Continental United States.

Freeride / Freestyle
Size Price
05m $600
07m $700
09m $770
10m $800
12m $870
14m $940
Freeride / Freestyle
Size Price
05m $600
07m $700
09m $770
11m $840
13m $890
15m $990
One Size Fits All
Size Price
Any $300
> The universal bar works with all Zian kites
> Adjustable to 47cm or 55cm length
> Standard with 24m lines
> Add a bar to any kite purchase for $300
> Bar price w/out kite purchase is $350


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Our Mission

We are dedicated to enabling your kiteboarding addiction!

You should always have access to "crispy" new, high-quality, high-performance kites, at an affordable price. At Zian we firmly believe a kiter should have a whole quiver of great kites, not just one or two, without settling for sub-par kite designs or shoddy construction. Our kite designs are cutting-edge, and we strive for perfection – Zian kites rock! Our team is a highly experienced group of manufacturing professionals and kiters that has gained over the years an extensive experience in designing, developing and building kites. We build your kites for safety, performance and durability, using the best materials and assembly techniques available this side of the sun. Our extensive knowledge of, and hands-on approach to building kites ensures the best possible quality standards. By delivering Zian kites directly to you via our warehouses, we make well-equipped kiteboarding affordable, the way it should be.

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